Tickets are always resold for the original ticket price (excluding any promo code discounts). When a resale is complete we will refund the original purchase amount excluding fees to the credit card that was first used to make the purchase.

If you simply want to give your tickets to someone else for free you may want to use our secure transfer system.

Which tickets are eligible?

Ticket resales are only available for certain ticket types and at certain times. For details about which tickets are eligible please contact the event organizer.

Reselling your tickets to someone else

Reselling tickets is quick and easy and is controlled from your download page.

  1. Scroll down to the the end of your download page and click the "Transfer Your Tickets" link. Your download page can be accessed via your original ticket purchase email (click here if you’ve lost the email).
  2. Select the tickets you’d like to transfer and fill in the recipient’s info. Be sure to review the amount we’ll refund to you and the amount of the new purchase.
  3. Click the "Send Resale Invite" button and we’ll email the recipient a link to claim their tickets.
  4. Once they’ve paid for their tickets we’ll cancel your originals, refund the purchase amount to your credit card (excluding fees) and issue new tickets to the recipient.
  5. You’ll receive an email notification once the transfer is complete and we’ve initiated your refund. Note that refunds can take up to a week to appear on your credit card statement.

Until the recipient pays for the tickets you’ll have the option to cancel the resale. Once the recipient pays the resale becomes permanent.

Receiving resold tickets

When the sender uses our secure ticket resale feature you’ll get an email with a link to review and purchase the tickets. Some events will disable resales shortly before the event begins, so be sure to claim your tickets as soon you get the email.

Click the email link and you’ll be taken to your secure purchase page. Once you’ve paid you’ll immediately be able to download your tickets. That’s it – the tickets are now yours!